Bonn Intervention Panel

Short Description: The Bonn Intervention Panel (BIP) investigates the development of personality and preferences of children starting at the primary school age until age 25 and beyond. Main focus of our study is the impact of early childhood environment. In particular, we experimentally vary the childhood environment in our sample by giving a randomly chosen subgroup of the sample the opportunity to take part in a mentoring program.

„770 Respondents“ refers to the realised interviews of the first wave in 2014. This number may vary over the years.

Available Papers
  • Falk, Armin, Fabian Kosse, and Pia Pinger. 2020. Mentoring and Schooling Decisions: Causal Evidence. IZA DP No. 13387. Bonn: Institute of Labor Economics (IZA).

For more details please see the current field report (only available in German)