Contents of SOEP-IS

SOEP-IS is based on an evaluation conducted by the German Council of Science and Humanities. is a longitudinal sample for particularly innovative survey methods and behavioral experiments. * will be further developed in the period from 2012 to 2017 and should be fully developed by 2017.

A two-step module of Governance is established to regulate topics and question modules: first, the SOEP survey management runs a basic methodological test to establish whether the size, format, and survey mode outlined in a proposal seem appropriate for implementation in the SOEP-IS. The SOEP Survey Committee then checks the content of proposals received and prioritizes these for selection purposes. Information about the SOEP Innovation Sample (SOEP-IS) in general and about the application process is published in: Schmollers Jahrbuch 135 (3), 389-399 by Jürgen Schupp and David Richter

SOEP Innovation Sample – at a Glance


  • is based on the evaluation conducted by the Science Council.

  • will establish a longitudinal sample for particularly innovative survey methods and behavioral experiments.

  • will be established in the period from 2012 to 2017 and should be fully developed by 2017.

  • annual field time will be September to December of each year.

  • the first wave in the first subsample of the SOEP-IS has been started in September 2011, with a newly developed core questionnaire “SOEP Innovations” and new methods to measure gender stereotypes.

  • overall volume and costs of the surveys to be conducted in the SOEP-IS will be lower than if “fresh” samples were used: central household and individual characteristics, invariant over time, are already available and will not have to be collected again.


Demography and Population




Individual Questionnaire

Country of Origin (asked annually)

plj0014, plj0022

Country of Origin (asked irregularly)

plj0023, plj0024

Mother and Child Instruments

Birth history (asked annually)

birthm, birthy

Work and Employment




Individual Questionnaire

Care period (Pflegezeit) (asked only once)


Change of job (asked annually)

plb0031, plb0284, plb0478, plb0479

Change of job (asked irregularly)

plb0032, plb0033, plb0034

Change of job (asked only once)


Commuter Module (asked irregularly)

plb0158, plb0159

Contract to Provide Specific Services (Werkvertrag) (asked only once)


Contractual working hours (asked annually)

plb0185, plb0186, plb0241

Contractual working hours (asked irregularly)

plb0209, plb0210

Current job (asked annually)

plb0035, plb0036, plb0037, plb0040, plb0041, plb0049, plb0058, plb0063, plb0064, plb0065

Employees’ council (Betriebsrat) (asked irregularly)


Employment / education calendar (asked annually)

pab0001, pab0002, pab0004, pab0005, pab0006, pab0007, pab0008, pab0010, pab0011, pab0012, pab0013

Employment status (asked annually)


Evening and weekend work (asked irregularly)

plb0218, plb0219

Evening and weekend work (asked only once)

plb0205, plb0206

Financial compensation for overtime (asked annually)


Industry sector, occupational classification (asked annually)

plb0072, plb0073

Job search (asked annually)

plb0358, plb0362

Job search, motives (asked irregularly)


Job search, preferences (asked irregularly)


Leaving a job (asked annually)

plb0282, plb0298, plb0299, plb0301, plb0302, plb0304, plb0305, plc0040

Leaving a job (asked irregularly)

plb0300, plc0041

Maternity / parental leave (asked annually)


Occupational expectations, non-employed (asked irregularly)

plb0427, plb0428, plb0429

Performance evaluation by superior (asked irregularly)

plb0098, plb0099, plb0100, plb0101, plb0102

Professional expectations, long (asked irregularly)

plb0432, plb0433, plb0434, plb0435, plb0436, plb0437, plb0438, plb0439, plb0440, plb0441, plb0442

Registered unemployed (asked annually)


Self-employment, reasons (asked only once)

plb0333, plb0334, plb0335, plb0336, plb0337, plb0338

Short-time compensation (Kurzarbeitergeld) (asked irregularly)

plc0057, plc0058

Side jobs (asked annually)

plb0392, plb0394, plb0395, plb0396, plb0397, plb0398, plc0062

Side jobs (asked irregularly)


Side jobs (asked only once)


Standby duty (asked only once)

plb0212, plb0213, plb0214, plb0215

Start of working hours (asked irregularly)

plb0180, plb0181, plb0182

Starting a new job (asked annually)

plb0240, plb0417, plb0418, plb0419, plb0420, plb0421, plb0422, plb0423, plb0424

Supervisory position (asked irregularly)

plb0067, plb0068, plb0069

Use of professional skills in job (asked irregularly)


Vacation entitlement (asked irregularly)

plb0269, plb0270, plb0272, plb0273, plb0274, plb0275, plb0276

Vacation entitlement (asked only once)


Work from home (asked irregularly)

plb0095, plb0096, plb0097

Work time regulations (asked irregularly)


Work, last 7 days (asked annually)


Working overtime (asked annually)

plb0193, plb0194, plb0196, plb0197, plb0198, plb0220

Working overtime (asked only once)

plb0483, plb0484

Workload (effort-reward imbalance) (asked irregularly)

plb0112, plb0113, plb0114, plb0115, plb0116, plb0117, plb0118, plb0119, plb0120, plb0121, plb0122, plb0123, plb0124, plb0125, plb0126, plb0127, plb0128, plb0129, plb0130, plb0131, plb0132, plb0133, plb0134, plb0135, plb0136, plb0137

Income, Taxes, and Social Security




Individual Questionnaire

Additional questions for employed people (asked annually)

plc0042, plc0043, plc0044, plc0045, plc0046, plc0047, plc0048, plc0049, plc0050, plc0051, plc0052, plc0053, plc0054

Additional questions for retirees / pensioners (asked annually)

plc0242, plc0251, plc0268, plc0285, plc0286, plc0290

Additional questions for retirees / pensioners (asked irregularly)

plc0236, plc0238, plc0240, plc0243, plc0245, plc0249, plc0278, plc0279, plc0281, plc0283, plc0288

Additional questions for retirees / pensioners (asked only once)


Asset balance (asked irregularly)

plc0328, plc0329, plc0330, plc0331, plc0332, plc0333, plc0334, plc0335, plc0336, plc0337, plc0338, plc0342, plc0343, plc0344, plc0345, plc0346, plc0347, plc0348, plc0349, plc0350, plc0351, plc0352, plc0353, plc0354, plc0356, plc0357, plc0358, plc0359, plc0360, plc0361, plc0362, plc0363, plc0364, plc0365, plc0366, plc0367, plc0368, plc0369, plc0370, plc0371, plc0372, plc0373, plc0374, plc0411, plc0412, plc0413, plc0414, plc0415, plc0416, plc0417, plc0418, plc0419, plc0420, plc0421, plc0422, plc0423, plc0424, plc0425

Asset balance (asked only once)

plc0339, plc0340, plc0341, plc0355

Benefits and bonuses from employer (asked irregularly)

plc0026, plc0027, plc0028, plc0029, plc0030, plc0031, plc0032, plc0033, plc0034, plc0035, plc0036, plc0037, plc0038, plc0039

Financial support received (asked annually)

plj0152, plj0153, plj0154, plj0155, plj0156, plj0157, plj0158, plj0160, plj0161, plj0162, plj0163, plj0164, plj0165, plj0166, plj0167, plj0168, plj0169, plj0170, plj0172

Financial support received (asked only once)

plj0159, plj0171

Financial support to relatives or others (asked annually)

plj0131, plj0132, plj0133, plj0135, plj0136, plj0137, plj0139, plj0140, plj0142, plj0143, plj0144, plj0145, plj0147, plj0148, plj0149, plj0151

Financial support to relatives or others (asked irregularly)


Gross / net income, collective wage agreements (asked annually)

plc0013, plc0014

Income (asked annually)

plb0471, plb0474, plb0477, plc0015, plc0016, plc0017, plc0064, plc0065, plc0073, plc0074, plc0116, plc0117, plc0126, plc0130, plc0131, plc0132, plc0135, plc0136, plc0137, plc0138, plc0139, plc0152, plc0153, plc0154, plc0155, plc0168, plc0169, plc0170, plc0171, plc0177, plc0178, plc0181, plc0182, plc0183, plc0184, plc0188, plc0189, plc0190, plc0198, plc0202, plc0203, plc0204, plc0205, plc0232, plc0233, plc0234, plc0235, plc0273, plc0274, plc0275, plc0276

Income (asked irregularly)


Inheritances (asked only once)

plc0375, plc0376, plc0377, plc0378, plc0379, plc0380, plc0381, plc0382, plc0383, plc0384, plc0385, plc0386, plc0387, plc0388, plc0389, plc0390, plc0392, plc0393, plc0394, plc0395, plc0396, plc0397, plc0398, plc0399, plc0400, plc0402, plc0403, plc0405, plc0406, plc0407

Riester / Ruerup pension plans (asked irregularly)


Social security (asked irregularly)

plc0009, plc0111, plc0112, plc0113, plc0114

Wage tax classification (asked only once)


Household Questionnaire

Alimony (asked only once)

hlc0091, hlc0092, hld0004, hld0005

Credit burden (asked annually)


Expenditures on Food (asked irregularly)

hlf0435, hlf0436

Household income / expenses (asked annually)

hlc0005, hlc0006, hlc0039, hlc0040, hlc0041, hlc0042, hlc0043, hlc0044, hlc0045, hlc0046, hlc0047, hlc0049, hlc0050, hlc0051, hlc0052, hlc0053, hlc0054, hlc0055, hlc0057, hlc0059, hlc0061, hlc0062, hlc0063, hlc0064, hlc0065, hlc0067, hlc0068, hlc0070, hlc0071, hlc0077, hlc0078, hlc0079, hlc0080, hlc0081, hlc0082, hlc0083, hlc0084, hlc0085, hlc0090, hlc0121

Household income / expenses (asked irregularly)

hlc0056, hlc0060, hlc0066

Household income / expenses (asked only once)

hlc0058, hlc0122

Income and expenses from renting / leasing (asked annually)

hlc0007, hlc0008, hlc0009, hlc0010, hlc0111, hlc0112

Investments (asked annually)

hlc0013, hlc0014, hlc0093, hlc0094, hlc0095, hlc0098, hlc0104, hlc0105, hlc0106, hlc0107, hlc0108

Investments (asked irregularly)


Investments (asked only once)


Ratio between income and expenditures (asked only once)

hlc0024, hlc0025, hlc0026, hlc0027, hlc0028, hlc0029

Repayments of loans (asked annually)

hlc0113, hlc0114

Family and Social Networks




Individual Questionnaire

Circle of friends, sociodemographics (asked irregularly)

pld0089, pld0090, pld0091, pld0092, pld0093, pld0094, pld0095, pld0096, pld0097, pld0098, pld0099, pld0100, pld0101, pld0102, pld0103

Circle of friends, sociodemographics (asked only once)

pld0104, pld0105, pld0106

Circle of friends, trustworthy persons (asked irregularly)

pld0062, pld0063, pld0064, pld0067, pld0068, pld0069, pld0070, pld0073, pld0074, pld0077, pld0078, pld0079, pld0082, pld0083, pld0084, pld0085, pld0088, plf0049, plf0050

Circle of friends, trustworthy persons (asked only once)

pld0065, pld0066, pld0071, pld0072, pld0075, pld0076, pld0080, pld0081, pld0086, pld0087

Family changes (asked annually)

pld0038, pld0039, pld0040, pld0134, pld0136, pld0137, pld0138, pld0139, pld0140, pld0142, pld0143, pld0145, pld0146, pld0149, pld0151, pld0152, pld0154, pld0159, pld0160, pld0162, pld0163, pld0165, pld0166, pld0169, pld0171

Family changes (asked irregularly)

pld0135, pld0141, pld0144, pld0147, pld0148, pld0150, pld0153, pld0155, pld0156, pld0158, pld0161, pld0164, pld0167, pld0168, pld0170

Family changes (asked only once)

pld0012, pld0013, pld0014

Family network (asked irregularly)

pld0020, pld0021, pld0022, pld0023, pld0024, pld0025, pld0026, pld0027, pld0028, pld0029, pld0030, pld0031, pld0032, pld0033, pld0034, pld0035, pld0036, pld0107, pld0108, pld0109, pld0110, pld0111, pld0112, pld0113, pld0114, pld0115, pld0116, pld0117, pld0118, plj0117, plj0118, plj0119, plj0120, plj0121, plj0122, plj0123, plj0124, plj0125, plj0126, plj0127, plj0128, plj0129, plj0130

Friends (asked irregularly)


Marital / partnership status (asked annually)

pld0131, pld0132, pld0133, plk0001

Mother and Child Instruments

Attitude toward parental role (asked annually)

bepar1, bepar10, bepar2, bepar3, bepar4, bepar5, bepar6, bepar8, bepar9

Attitude towards maternal role (asked annually)

change1, change2, change3, change4, change5, change6, change7, change8, health

Breastfeeding (asked annually)

breastf, breastfm

Childcare (asked annually)

care1h, maincare, suppartn

Language use (asked annually)


Leisure and activities (with child) (asked annually)

activ1, activ2, activ3, activ4, activ5, activ6, activ7, activ8, activ9, tvhrs, tvyn

Parenting goals (asked annually)

edgoal1, edgoal10, edgoal11, edgoal12, edgoal13, edgoal14, edgoal15, edgoal16, edgoal17, edgoal18, edgoal2, edgoal3, edgoal4, edgoal5, edgoal6, edgoal7, edgoal8, edgoal9

Parenting style (asked annually)

edbeh1, edbeh10, edbeh11, edbeh12, edbeh13, edbeh14, edbeh15, edbeh16, edbeh17, edbeh18, edbeh2, edbeh3, edbeh4, edbeh5, edbeh6, edbeh7, edbeh8, edbeh9

Pregnancy (asked annually)

birthpw, delivpl, nchild, pregplan

Relationship to other parent or child (asked annually)


Health and Care




Individual Questionnaire

Additional private insurance (asked irregularly)

ple0128, ple0129, ple0130, ple0131, ple0132, ple0133, ple0134

Alcohol consumption (asked irregularly)

ple0090, ple0091, ple0092, ple0093

Disabilities in everyday life (SF-12) (asked irregularly)

ple0004, ple0005

Health insurance (asked annually)

ple0097, ple0099, ple0104, ple0160

Health restrictions (asked only once)


Height and weight (asked irregularly)

ple0006, ple0007

Hospital stays (asked annually)

ple0053, ple0055, ple0056

Illnes (asked annually)


Illnes (asked irregularly)

ple0011, ple0012, ple0013, ple0014, ple0015, ple0016, ple0017, ple0018, ple0019, ple0020, ple0022, ple0023, ple0024

Qualification for additional benefits (asked annually)


Reduced ability to work (asked annually)

ple0040, ple0041

Sickness notifications to employer (asked annually)

plb0024, ple0044, ple0046, ple0048, ple0049, ple0050, ple0051, ple0052

Smoking (asked irregularly)

ple0080, ple0081, ple0086, ple0089

Smoking (asked only once)

ple0082, ple0083, ple0084, ple0085

State of health (asked annually)


Stress and exhaustion (SF-12) (asked annually)


Stress and exhaustion (SF-12) (asked irregularly)

ple0026, ple0027, ple0028, ple0029, ple0030, ple0031, ple0032, ple0033, ple0034, ple0035

Visits to the doctor (asked annually)

ple0072, ple0073

Household Questionnaire

Satisfaction with availability of care (asked irregularly)


Mother and Child Instruments

Health of child (asked annually)

disord, disord1, disord2, disord3, disord4, disord5, disord6, disord7, disord8, disord9, hospital12m, hospital3mb, ill0, ill10, ill11, ill12, ill13, ill14, ill2, ill4, ill5, ill6, ill7, ill8, ill9, illno, lstmedex, medaid3mb

Height and weight of child (asked annually)

height, weight, weightb

Physical and mental health of mother (asked annually)

feeling1, feeling2, feeling3, feeling4

Home, Amenities, and Contributions of Private HH




Household Questionnaire

Dependence on childcare hours (asked only once)


Leisure activities and costs, children (asked irregularly)

ka06_art, ka06_mus, ka06_non, ka06_oth, ka06_spo, ka16_art, ka16_ctr, ka16_mus, ka16_non, ka16_org, ka16_sar, ka16_smu, ka16_sot, ka16_spo, ka16_ssp, ka16_sth, ka16_yth

Lunch, childcare (asked irregularly)


School attendance by child (asked annually)


Household Questionnaire

Change in residential situation (asked annually)

hlf0106, hlf0107

Changes in home fixtures and furnishings since last year (asked irregularly)

hlc0116, hlc0117, hlf0159, hlf0164, hlf0165, hlf0166, hlf0167, hlf0169, hlf0170, hlf0209, hlf0212, hlf0214, hlf0215, hlf0217, hlf0218, hlf0223, hlf0228, hlf0229, hlf0231, hlf0233, hlf0236, hlf0237, hlf0239, hlf0240, hlf0241, hlf0242, hlf0244, hlf0245, hlf0247, hlf0248

Changes in home fixtures and furnishings since last year (asked only once)

hlf0210, hlf0211, hlf0213, hlf0216, hlf0219, hlf0220, hlf0221, hlf0222, hlf0224, hlf0225, hlf0226, hlf0227, hlf0230, hlf0232, hlf0234, hlf0235, hlf0238, hlf0243, hlf0246, hlf0249, hlf0250, hlf0251, hlf0252

Cleaning or household help (asked annually)

hlf0261, hlf0262

Consumption Module (asked irregularly)


Consumption Module (asked only once)

hlf0168, hlf0171, hlf0172, hlf0371, hlf0372, hlf0373, hlf0374, hlf0375, hlf0376, hlf0377, hlf0378, hlf0379, hlf0380, hlf0381, hlf0382, hlf0383, hlf0384, hlf0385, hlf0386, hlf0387, hlf0388, hlf0389, hlf0390, hlf0391, hlf0392, hlf0393, hlf0394, hlf0395, hlf0396, hlf0397, hlf0398, hlf0399, hlf0400, hlf0401, hlf0402, hlf0403, hlf0404, hlf0405, hlf0406, hlf0407, hlf0408, hlf0409, hlf0410, hlf0411, hlf0412, hlf0413, hlf0414, hlf0415, hlf0416, hlf0417, hlf0418, hlf0419, hlf0420, hlf0421, hlf0422, hlf0423, hlf0424, hlf0425, hlf0426, hlf0427, hlf0428, hlf0429, hlf0430, hlf0431, hlf0432, hlf0433, hlf0434

Costs of comparable rental homes (asked irregularly)


Costs of home ownership (asked annually)

hlf0084, hlf0090

Dwelling / building type (asked annually)


Government-subsidized housing (asked annually)


Government-subsidized housing (asked irregularly)


Hereditary lease interest (asked annually)

hlf0016, hlf0154

Home fixtures and furnishings (asked annually)

hlf0024, hlf0025, hlf0026, hlf0027, hlf0028, hlf0029, hlf0030, hlf0031, hlf0032, hlf0033, hlf0034, hlf0035, hlf0036, hlf0037

Home ownership / rental (asked annually)

hlf0001, hlf0006, hlf0015

Home ownership / rental (asked irregularly)

hlf0007, hlf0009

Homeowner (asked annually)


Loans, mortgages, building loan agreements (asked annually)

hlf0087, hlf0088

Material deprivation (asked irregularly)

hlf0175, hlf0177, hlf0178, hlf0179, hlf0180, hlf0181, hlf0183, hlf0185, hlf0186, hlf0187, hlf0188, hlf0189, hlf0190, hlf0191, hlf0192, hlf0193, hlf0194, hlf0195

Monthly rent, heating, other expenses (asked annually)

hlf0074, hlf0081, hlf0082

Monthly rent, heating, other expenses (asked irregularly)

hlf0069, hlf0078, hlf0079

Name and birth of children (asked annually)


Number of books in household (asked irregularly)


Persons in household in need of care (asked annually)

hlf0291, hlf0292, hlf0300, hlf0301, hlf0302, hlf0303, hlf0319, hlf0320, hlf0321, hlf0322, hlf0331, hlf0332, hlf0369, hlf0370

Persons in household in need of care (asked irregularly)


Pets (asked irregularly)

hlf0196, hlf0254, hlf0255, hlf0256, hlf0257, hlf0258, hlf0259

Reasons for moving, comparison of old and new home (asked annually)

hlf0124, hlf0125, hlf0126, hlf0127, hlf0128, hlf0129, hlf0130, hlf0131, hlf0132

Reasons for moving, comparison of old and new home (asked irregularly)


Residential area (asked annually)


Residential area (asked irregularly)

hld0001, hld0002, hld0003, hlf0135, hlf0136, hlf0137, hlf0138, hlf0139, hlf0140, hlf0141, hlf0142, hlf0143, hlf0144, hlf0145, hlf0146, hlf0147, hlf0148, hlf0149, hlf0150, hlf0151, hlf0152, hlj0004

Second Residence (asked only once)


Size and condition of home (asked annually)

hlf0019, hlf0021, hlf0071

Size and condition of home (asked irregularly)


Education and Qualification




Individual Questionnaire

Completed education and training (asked irregularly)

plg0072, plg0073, plg0074, plg0075, plg0076, plg0077, plg0078, plg0079

Further education, course details and motives for participation (asked irregularly)

plg0108, plg0109, plg0110, plg0111, plg0112, plg0113, plg0114, plg0115, plg0116, plg0117, plg0118, plg0119, plg0120, plg0121, plg0122, plg0129, plg0130, plg0131, plg0132, plg0133, plg0134, plg0135, plg0138, plg0139, plg0140, plg0141, plg0142, plg0143, plg0144, plg0145, plg0146, plg0147, plg0148, plg0149, plg0152, plg0154, plg0164, plg0165, plg0169, plg0171, plg0172, plg0174, plg0175, plg0176, plg0177, plg0182, plg0183, plg0184, plg0185, plg0186

Further education, course details and motives for participation (asked only once)


Vocational training (asked annually)

plg0012, plg0013, plg0014, plg0015

Mother and Child Instruments

Educational aspirations (asked annually)

idegrad1, idegrad2, idegrad3, probgra1, probgra2, probgra3

School enrollment (asked annually)

sclenrolm, sclenroln, sclenroly

Attitudes, Values, and Personality




Individual Questionnaire

10,000-euro question (asked only once)


11,000-euro question (asked only once)


12,000-euro question (asked only once)


Affective well-being (asked annually)

plh0184, plh0185, plh0186, plh0187

Anomie (asked only once)

plh0188, plh0189, plh0190, plh0191

Big Five personality traits (asked irregularly)

plh0212, plh0213, plh0214, plh0215, plh0216, plh0217, plh0218, plh0219, plh0220, plh0221, plh0222, plh0223, plh0224, plh0225, plh0226, plh0255

Depressive traits (asked only once)

plh0339, plh0340, plh0341, plh0342

Donation of blood (asked only once)

plh0131, plh0132, plh0133

Donations (asked only once)

plh0129, plh0130

Donations of goods (asked only once)

plj0108, plj0109, plj0110, plj0111, plj0112, plj0113, plj0114, plj0115

Goals in life (Kluckhohn) (asked irregularly)

plh0105, plh0106, plh0107, plh0108, plh0109, plh0110, plh0111, plh0112

Impulsivity, patience (asked irregularly)

plh0253, plh0254

Income justice, general (asked only once)

plh0118, plh0119, plh0120, plh0121, plh0122, plh0123, plh0124, plh0125, plh0126, plh0127

Life satisfaction (asked annually)


Lottery question (asked irregularly)


Optimism/pessimism (asked irregularly)


Organisational and community membership (asked irregularly)

plh0263, plh0264, plh0265, plh0266, plh0267

Policy objectives (Inglehart Index) (asked only once)

plh0054, plh0056, plh0058

Political Tendency, Left-Right (asked irregularly)


Political orientation (asked annually)

plh0007, plh0011, plh0012

Political orientation (asked irregularly)


Reciprocity (asked irregularly)


Religious affiliation (asked irregularly)


Risk aversion in different domains (asked irregularly)

plh0197, plh0198, plh0199, plh0200, plh0201, plh0202

Risk aversion in general (asked irregularly)


Satisfaction with various aspects (asked annually)

plh0171, plh0172, plh0173, plh0175, plh0177, plh0178, plh0180

Satisfaction with various aspects (asked irregularly)

plh0174, plh0179, plh0181

Social responsibility (asked only once)

plh0016, plh0017, plh0018, plh0019, plh0020, plh0021, plh0022, plh0023, plh0024, plh0025, plh0026

Trust, trustworthiness and fairness (asked irregularly)

pld0043, pld0044, pld0045, plh0192, plh0193, plh0194, plh0195, plh0196

Wage justice (asked irregularly)

plh0138, plh0139, plh0140, plh0141

Well-being aspects (asked annually)

plh0091, plh0092, plh0093, plh0094, plh0095, plh0096, plh0097, plh0098, plh0099, plh0100, plh0101, plh0102, plh0103

Worries (asked annually)

plh0032, plh0033, plh0035, plh0038, plh0040, plh0042, plh0043

Worries (asked only once)


Mother and Child Instruments

Big Five personality traits (asked annually)

char10, char1a, char1b, char2, char3, char4, char5, char6, char7, char8, char9

Strengths and difficulties questionnaire (asked annually)

behav1, behav10, behav11, behav12, behav13, behav14, behav15, behav16, behav17, behav2, behav3, behav4, behav5, behav6, behav7, behav8, behav9

Temperament (asked annually)

temp1, temp2, temp3, temp4, temp5, temp6, temp7

Vineland adaptive behavior scales (asked annually)

mvmn1, mvmn3, mvmn4, mvmn5, sclr2, sclr3, sclr4, sclr5, skll1, skll2, skll3, skll4, skll5, spch3, spch5

Time Use and Environmental Behavior




Individual Questionnaire

Computer usage (asked annually)

pli0066, pli0068, pli0070

Computer usage (asked only once)

pli0067, pli0069, pli0071, pli0072, pli0073

Leisure activities (long) (asked irregularly)

pli0079, pli0080, pli0081, pli0082, pli0083, pli0084, pli0085, pli0087, pli0088, pli0089, pli0090, pli0091, pli0092, pli0093, pli0094, pli0095, pli0096, pli0097, pli0098

Time use for different activities (Saturdays) (asked annually)


Time use for different activities (Saturdays) (asked irregularly)

pli0003, pli0012, pli0019, pli0024, pli0031, pli0036, pli0054, pli0055, pli0056

Time use for different activities (Sundays) (asked irregularly)

pli0007, pli0010, pli0011, pli0016, pli0022, pli0028, pli0034, pli0057, pli0058

Time use for different activities (weekdays) (asked annually)

pli0038, pli0040, pli0043, pli0044, pli0046, pli0047, pli0049, pli0051, pli0059

Time use for different activities (weekdays) (asked irregularly)


Trip to work (asked irregularly)

plb0147, plb0148, plb0149, plb0150, plb0151, plb0153, plb0154, plb0155, plb0156, plb0157, plb0158, plb0159, plb0175

Trip to work (asked only once)

plb0146, plb0152

Use of transportation for errands (asked irregularly)

pli0133, pli0134, pli0135, pli0136, pli0137, pli0138

Use of transportation for excursions (asked irregularly)

pli0139, pli0140, pli0141, pli0142, pli0143, pli0144

Use of transportation in general (asked irregularly)

pli0101, pli0102, pli0103, pli0104, pli0105, pli0106, pli0107, pli0108, pli0109, pli0110, pli0111, pli0112, pli0113, pli0114, pli0115, pli0116, pli0117, pli0118, pli0119, pli0120, pli0121, pli0122, pli0123

Use of transportation in general (asked only once)

pli0124, pli0125, pli0126

Use of transportation in leisure time (asked irregularly)

pli0145, pli0146, pli0147, pli0148, pli0149, pli0150

Use of transportation to take children places (asked irregularly)

pli0151, pli0152, pli0154, pli0155, pli0156

Use of transportation to take children places (asked only once)


Use of transportation to work (asked irregularly)

pli0127, pli0128, pli0129, pli0130, pli0131, pli0132

Household Questionnaire

Traffic and energy (asked irregularly)


Integration, Migration, Transnationalization




Individual Questionnaire

Applying for German citizenship (asked irregularly)


Contacts abroad, thoughts about moving abroad (asked only once)

plj0089, plj0090, plj0091, plj0092, plj0104, plj0105

Disadvantage / discrimination based on ethnic origins (detailed) (asked annually)


Integration indicators (asked irregularly)

plj0078, plj0080

Intention to stay (asked annually)

plj0085, plj0086, plj0088

Intention to stay (asked irregularly)


Language ability German / native language (asked annually)

plj0071, plj0072, plj0073, plj0074, plj0075, plj0076

Language use, newspapers (asked irregularly)


Native language (asked annually)


Regional attachment (asked irregularly)


Regional attachment (asked only once)

plj0044, plj0045

Sense of home (asked irregularly)


Visiting / being visited by Germans and foreigners at home (asked irregularly)

plj0060, plj0061, plj0062, plj0063

Innovative Modules




Adaption in Very Old Age

Data available on request

Adaptation to Major Life Events

Data available on request

Adaptive General Ecological Behaviour Scale


im_geb, geb_theta, geb_se, geb_first, geb1001, geb1002, geb1003, geb1004, geb1005, geb1006, geb1007, geb1008, geb1009, geb1010, geb1011, geb1012, geb1013, geb1014, geb1015, geb1016, geb1017, geb1018, geb1019, geb1020, geb1021, geb1022, geb1023, geb1024, geb1025, geb1026, geb1027, geb1028, geb1029, geb1030, geb1031, geb1032, geb2001, geb2002, geb2003, geb2004, geb2005, geb2006, geb2007, geb2008, geb2009, geb2010, geb2011, geb2012, geb2013, geb2014, geb2015, geb2016, geb2017, geb2018

Ageing in a Changing Society


im_ealt, ieaa011, ieaa012, ieaa013, ieaa021, ieaa022, ieaa023, ieaa031, ieaa032

Anxiety and Depression


im_adss, sim1201, sim1202, sim1203, sim1204

Assessment of Contextualized Emotions


im_eken, eken1, eken011, eken012, eken013, eken014, eken021, eken022, eken023, eken024, eken031, eken032, eken033, eken034, eken041, eken042, eken043, eken044, eken051, eken052, eken053, eken054, eken061, eken062, eken063, eken064, eken071, eken072, eken073, eken074, eken081, eken082, eken083, eken084, eken091, eken092, eken093, eken094, eken101, eken102, eken103, eken104, eken111, eken112, eken113, eken114, eken121, eken122, eken123, eken124

Attitude Inferences and Interviewer Effects


im_ie, iepol1_1, iepol3_1, iepol4_1, iepol6_1, iesor03_1, iesor04_1, iesor05_1, iesor02_1, iesor08_1, iesor09_1, iethem01_1, iethem02_1, iethem03_1, iethem04_1, iethem05_1, iepol1_2, iepol3_2, iepol4_2, iepol6_2, iesor03_2, iesor04_2, iesor05_2, iesor02_2, iesor08_2, iesor09_2, iepol4, iepol6, iesor03, iesor04, iesor05, iesor02, iesor08, iesor09, iethem01, iethem01a, iethem02, iethem02a, iethem03, iethem03a, iethem04, iethem04a, iethem05, iethem05a, iethem01_2, iethem02_2, iethem03_2, iethem04_2, iethem05_2

Collective vs. Individual Risk Attitudes


exp_split, exp_erg1, exp_erg2, exp_erg3, exp_erg4, exp_erg5, exp_erg6, exp_erg7, exp_erg8, exp_erg9, exp_erg10, exp_z1, exp_euro1, exp_z2, exp_z3, exp_z4, exp_z5, exp_euro2, exp_euro3, exp_z6, exp_euro4, exp_euro5, exp_Nr, exp_euro6, exp_euro7, exp_euro8, exp_z7, exp_euro9

Comparing Measures of Experimential and Evaluative Well-Being


im_drm_esm, drm_wt, drm_a, aktnr, akt, akt_s, akt_e, akt_sek_jn, akt_sek, akt_pleasant, ort, around1, around2, around3, around4, around5, around6, around7, around8, around9, around10, emotion1, emotion2, emotion3, emotion4, emotion5, emotion6, emotion7, emotion8, emotion9, emotion10, emotion11, emotion12, emotion13, pzuf01, pzuf20, pzuf02, pzuf04, pzuf05, pzuf07, pzuf08, pzuf13, pzule1, pgef1, pgef2, pgef3, pgef4, bb1, bb2, bb3, bb4, bb5, bb6, bb7

Comparing Measures of Experimential and Evaluative Well-Being


im_esm, esm_z, esm_tag, esm_n, esm_erg, q1esm, q1esm_z, q1esm_s, q2esm, q2esm_z, q2esm_s, q3esm, q3esm_z, q3esm_s, q4esm_1, q4esm_2, q4esm_3, q4esm_4, q4esm_5, q4esm_6, q4esm_7, q4esm_8, q4esm_9, q4esm_z, q4esm_s, q5esm_1, q5esm_2, q5esm_3, q5esm_4, q5esm_5, q5esm_6, q5esm_7, q5esm_8, q5esm_9, q5esm_10, q5esm_11, q5esm_12, q5esm_13, q5esm_1z, q5esm_2z, q5esm_3z, q5esm_4z, q5esm_5z, q5esm_6z, q5esm_7z, q5esm_8z, q5esm_9z, q5esm_10z, q5esm_11z, q5esm_12z, q5esm_13z, q5esm_1s, q5esm_2s, q5esm_3s, q5esm_4s, q5esm_5s, q5esm_6s, q5esm_7s, q5esm_8s, q5esm_9s, q5esm_10s, q5esm_11s, q5esm_12s, q5esm_13s

Computer-Assisted Measurement and Coding of Educational Qualifications in Surveys (CAMCES)


im_cam, bilyear, bil1, bil3, bil4, bilsplit, sp11, sp21, sp31, bil71, sp12, sp22, sp32, bil72, sp13, sp23, sp33, bil73, Timestamp_11, Timestamp_21, Timestamp_31, Timestamp_1, Timestamp_12, Timestamp_22, Timestamp_32, Timestamp_2, Timestamp_13, Timestamp_23, Timestamp_33, Timestamp_3

Confusion, Hubbub, and Order Scale (CHAOS)


im_chaos, chaos1, chaos2, chaos3, chaos4, chaos5, chaos6

Conspiracy Mentality Questionnaire (CMQ)


im_cns, cons01, cons02, cons03, cons04, cons05

Control Strivings


im_csm_pre, im_csm, csm0102, csm02, csm03, csm0401, csm0402, csm0403, csm0404, csm0405, csm0406, csm0407, csm0408, csm0409, csm0410, csm0411, csm0412, csm0502, csm06, csm07, csm0801, csm0802, csm0803, csm0804, csm0805, csm0806, csm0807, csm0808, csm0809, csm0810, csm0811, csm0812, csm0902, csm10, csm11, csm1201, csm1202, csm1203, csm1204, csm1205, csm1206, csm1207, csm1208, csm1209, csm1210, csm1211, csm1212

Couples’ Prediction Accuracy for Food Preferences


im_pn, spnahr1, spnahr2, spnahr3, spnahr4, spnahr5, spnahr6, reihnahr, nahr1a, nahr2a, nahr3a, nahr4a, nahr5a, nahr6a, nahr1b, nahr2b, nahr3b, nahr4b, nahr5b, nahr6b

Cross-Cultural Study of Happiness


im_hap, oecdaff1, oecdaff2, oecdaff3, hapi1, hapi2, oecdaff4, oecdaff5, oecdaff6

Day Reconstruction Method


im_drm_pre, im_drm, drm_wt, drm_a, aktnr, akt, akt_s, akt_e, akt_sek_jn, akt_sek, akt_sek_s, akt_sek_e, akt_pleasant, ort, around1, around2, around3, around4, around5, around6, around7, around8, around9, around10, emotion1, emotion2, emotion3, emotion4, emotion5, emotion6, emotion7, emotion8, emotion9, emotion10, emotion11, emotion12, emotion13

Decisions from Description and Experience


im_risk, task_order, task, trail, gamble, sample_ind, time, decision_box, outcome, react_time, nroption, higher_opt, riskier, ch_option, condition, sample_box, sample_out, sample_opt, decision, outcome1_a, outcome2_a, probab1_a, probab2_a, outcome1_b, outcome2_b, probab1_b, probab2_b, outcome1_c, outcome2_c, probab1_c, probab2_c, outcome1_d, outcome2_d, probab1_d, probab2_d

Dementia Worry


im_fod, sim08, sim09, sim1001, sim1002

Determinants of Ambiguity Aversion


im_ambig, ambig00, ambig1, ambig2, ambig3, ambig4, ambig5, ambig6, ambig7, ambig8, ambig9, ambig10, ambig12, ambig13, ambig14, ambig15, ambig16, ambig19, ambig21, ambig22

Determinants of Attitudes to Income Redistribution


im_umv, umv11, umv12, umv2, umv3

Determinants of Not Wanting to Know

Data available on request

Diversity of Living-Apart-Together-Couples


im_ws, lat1, lat2

Emotion Regulation


im_er, emoreg1, emoreg2, emoreg3, emoreg4

Epigenetic Markers of Stress


im_st, stress1, stress2, stress3, stress4, stress5, stress6, stress7, stress8, stress9, stress10, stress11, stress12, stress13, stress14, stress15, stress16, stress17, stress18, stress19, stress20, stress21, stress22, stress23, stress24, stress25, im_sal, salivai, salivaev, salivaev1, saliva1, saliva2, salivae

Expected Financial Market Earnings


im_fm, fm01, fm02, fm03, fm04, fm05, fm06, fm0701, fm0702, fm0703, fm0704, fm0705, fm0706, fm0707, fm0708, fm0709, fm0710, fm0801, fm0802, fm0803, fm0804, fm0805, fm0806, fm0807, fm0808, fm0809, fm0810, fm09, fm10, fm1101, fm1102, fm1103, fm1104, fm1105, fm1106, fm1107, fm1108, fm1109, fm12, fm13, fm14, fm_split, vorfin1, vorfin2, daxzufall_year, daxzufall_value, finabc_1, finabc_2, finabc_3, finspalt_a1, finspalt_a2, finspalt_a3, finspalt_a4, finspalt_a5, finspalt_a6, finspalt_a7, finabc3b_1, finabc3b_2, finabc4a, finabc4b, finb4c, finc4c, finspalt_b1, finspalt_b2, finspalt_b3, finspalt_b4, finspalt_b5, finspalt_b6, finspalt_b7, finabc5c, auszahlungbund, auszahlungfonds, verlustgewinnfonds, gesamt, auszahlunggenau, auszahlunggerundet, eb_finanz1_1, eb_finanz1_2, eb_finanz2, findau, daxzufall_1_y, daxzufall_1_v, daxzufall_2_y, daxzufall_2_v, finabc6c, finabc7c, finabc8c, finabc9c

Fiscal Crisis in the EU and European Solidarity


im_fk, finhil1, finhil2, hilbet1, hilbet2, hilbet3, bedunt1, bedunt2, bedunt3, bedunt4, bedunt5, bedunt6, bedunt7, bedunt8, bedunt9, im_fk_2, finhil1_2, finhil2_2, hilbet1_2, hilbet2_2, hilbet3_2, bedunt1_2, bedunt2_2, bedunt3_2, bedunt4_2, bedunt5_2, bedunt6_2, bedunt7_2, bedunt8_2, bedunt9_2, bedunt10_2

Flourishing Scale


hapi3, hapi4, hapi5, hapi6, hapi7, hapi8, hapi9, hapi10

Future Life Events


im_fle, leb01, leb02, leb03, leb04, leb05, leb06, leb07, leb08, leb09, leb10, leb11, leb12, leb13, leb14, leb15, leb16, leb17, leb18, leb19, leb20

Future Time Perspective


im_zp, zp1, zp2, zp3, zp4

Grit and Entrepreneurship


im_bi, biss1, biss2, biss3, biss4, biss5, biss6, biss7, biss8

Happiness Analyzer Smartphone Application


im_app, app, appev, appev1, appe, im_hap2016, ihamob, ihamobsp, ihamobbs, ihaapp, ihaappev, ihaappev1, ihaapph, ihaappe

Impostor Phenomenon


im_is, hochsta1, hochsta2, hochsta3, hochsta4, hochsta5

Inattentional Blindness


im_ib, iabm1, iabm2, iabm3, iabm4, iabm5, iabm6, iabaut1, iabaut2, iabaut3, iabaut4, iabaut5, iabaut6, iabaut7, iabaut8, iabaut9, iabaut10, iabsplit, iabr, iabd, iabj, iabn, iabfj, iabfn, iabrj, iabrn, iabb11, iabb12, iabb2

Inequality Attitudes


im_inatt, inatt011, inatt012, inatt013, inatt014, inatt015, inatt016

Inequality and Other-Regarding Preferences and Risk Taking


im_unspr, unsp2a, unsp2b, unsp3, unsp4, unsp_split, unsp6a, unsp6b, unsptreatsplit, unsp9a, unsp9b, unsp11a, unsp11b, unsp12, unsp14a1, unsp14a2, unsp14b1, unsp14b2, unsp15, unsp16, unsp17, unsp18, unsp19, unri011, unri012, unri013, unri014, unri7_split, unri7a, unri7b, unri8, unri9, unri11, unri12, unri13, unri15, unri14, unri20_split, unri16, unri17, unri18, unri19, unri22

Informal Care Outside the Household


im_ip, ip01, ip02, ip03, ip04, ip04a, ip05, ip06, ip07w, ip07sa, ip07so, ip08, ip08a1, ip08a2, ip08a3, ip08a4, ip08a5, ip08wn, ip10, ip02_2, ip03_2, ip04_2, ip04a_2, ip05_2, ip06_2, ip07w_2, ip07sa_2, ip07so_2, ip08_2, ip08a1_2, ip08a2_2, ip08a3_2, ip08a4_2, ip08a5_2, ip08wn_2, ip10_2, ip02_3, ip03_3, ip04_3, ip04a_3, ip05_3, ip06_3, ip07w_3, ip07sa_3, ip07so_3, ip08_3, ip08a1_3, ip08a2_3, ip08a3_3, ip08a4_3, ip08a5_3, ip08wn_3, ip10_3, ip02_4, ip03_4, ip04_4, ip04a_4, ip05_4, ip06_4, ip07w_4, ip07sa_4, ip07so_4, ip08a1_4, ip08a2_4, ip08a3_4, ip08a4_4, ip08a5_4, ip08wn_4, ip10_4

Internalized Gender Stereotypes Vary Across Socioeconomic Indicators


im_gs, ityp_split, ityp101, ityp102, ityp103, ityp104, ityp105, ityp106, ityp107, ityp108, ityp109, ityp110, ityp111, ityp112, ityp113, ityp114, ityp115, ityp201, ityp202, ityp203, ityp204, ityp205, ityp206, ityp207, ityp208, ityp209, ityp210, ityp211, ityp212, ityp213, ityp214, ityp215, ieigiat_split01, ieigiat_split02, ieigiat01, ieigiat02, ieigiat03, ieigiat04, iroll01, iroll02, iroll03, iroll04, iroll05, iroll06, ifrber01, ifrber02, ifrber03, ifrber04, ifrber05, ifrber06, ifrber07, ifrber08, ivoriat, ieb_iat_1, ieb_iat_2, ieb_iat_3, inachiat, assertive_meanrt, plat1, plat2, tlat1, tlat2, psd, tsd, assertive_ntrials, assertive_pdscore, assertive_tdscore, assertive_dscore, assertive_pmscore, assertive_tmscore, assertive_mscore, assertive_pct_300, assertive_pct_400, assertive_pct_10k, assertive_errorpct, warm_meanrt, warm_ntrials, warm_pdscore, warm_tdscore, warm_dscore, warm_pmscore, warm_tmscore, warm_mscore, warm_pct_300, warm_pct_400, warm_pct_10k, warm_errorpct

Internet Based Psychotherapy


im_it, it01, it02, it03, it04, it05

Job Preferences and Willingness to Accept Job Offers


im_jp, vroll2, vfrber7, vfrber8, varstp1, varstp2, vid, vmtm, vrl101, vrl102, VRL1a, vs1l, vs2l, vs3l, vs4l, vs5l, vt1l, vt2l, vt3l, vt4l, vt5l, vsvig11, vsvig12, vsvig13, vsvig21, vsvig22, vsvig23, vsvig31, vsvig32, vsvig33, vsvig41, vsvig42, vsvig43, vsvig51, vsvig52, vsvig53, vmvig11, vmvig12, vmvig13, vmvig21, vmvig22, vmvig23, vmvig31, vmvig32, vmvig33, vmvig41, vmvig42, vmvig43, vmvig51, vmvig52, vmvig53, vrl201, vrl202, VRL2a, vtvig11, vtvig12, vtvig13, vtvig21, vtvig22, vtvig23, vtvig31, vtvig32, vtvig33, vtvig41, vtvig42, vtvig43, vtvig51, vtvig52, vtvig53, vso1, StartZeitVig, EndZeitVig

Job Task Survey


im_tsk, ta101, ta102, ta103, ta104, ta105, ta106, ta107, ta108, ta109, ta110, ta111, ta112, ta113, ta114, ta115, ta116, ta117, ta118, ta119, ta120, ta121, ta122, ta123, ta2, ta3, ta4, ta5, ta6, ta7, ta8

Just Sustainable Development Based on the Capability Approach (GeNECA)


im_gm, gm_split, gm_split2, gm0101, gm0102, gm0103, gm0104, gm0105, gm0106, gm0107, gm0108, gm02, gm0301, gm0302, gm0303, gm0401, gm0402, gm0501, gm0502, gm0503, gm0504, gm0505, gm0506, gm0507, gm0508, gm0509, gm0510, gm0511, gm0512, gm0513, gm0514, gm0515, gm0516, gm0801, gm0802, gm0803, gm0804, gm0805, gm09, gm1001, gm1002, gm1003, gm1004, gm1005, gm1006, gm1007, gm1008, gm1009, gm1101, gm1102, gm1103, gm1104, gm1105, gm1106, gm1107, gm1108, gm1109, gm1110, gm1201, gm1202, gm1203, gm1204, gm1205, gm1206, gm1207, gm1208, gm1209, gm13, gm1401, gm1402, gm1403, gm1404, gm1405, gm1406, gm1407, gm1408, gm1409, gm1410, gm1411, gm1412, gm1413, gm1414, gm1415, gm1416, gm1417, gm1501, gm1502, gm1503, gm1504, gm1505, gm1506, gm1507, gm1601, gm1602, gm1603, gm1604, gm1605, gm1606, gm1607, gm1701, gm1702, gm1703, gm1704, gm1705, gm1706, gm1707, gm1708, gm1709, gm1710, gm1711, gm1712, gm1713, gm1714, gm1715, gm1801, gm1802, gm1803, gm1804, gm1901, gm1902, gm2001, gm2002, gm2003, gm2004, gm2101, gm2102, gm2103, gm2104, gm2105, gm2106, gm22, gm2301, gm2302, gm2303, gm2304, gm2305, gm2306, gm2307, gm2401, gm2402, gm2403, gm2404, gm2405, gm2406, gm2407, gm2501, gm2502, gm2503, gm2601, gm2602, gm2701, gm2702, gm2703, gm2704, gm2801, gm2802, gm2803, gm2804, gm29, gm30, gm31, gm32, gm3301, gm3302, gm3303, gm3304, gm3305, gm3306, gm34, gm3501, gm3502, gm3503, gm3504, gm3505, gm3506, gm3601, gm3602, gm3603, gm3701, gm3702, gm3703, gm3704, gm3705, gm38a, gm38b, gm39, gm40, gm41, gm4201, gm4202, gm4203, gm4204, gm4205, gm4206, gm43, gm4401, gm4402, gm4403, gm4404, gm4405, gm4406, gm4501, gm4502, gm4503, gm4601, gm4602, gm4603, gm4604, gm4605, gm47a, gm47b

Justice Sensitivity


im_js, ivornaa01, ivornaa02, ivornab01, ivornab02, ivornac01, ivornac02, ivornad01, ivornad02

Language Skills, Income and Employment


im_lngj, spra1, spra21, spra22, spra23, spra24, spra25, spra2ka, spra3, spra4, im_sk, sk_id, isk01, isk02, isk02a_1, isk02a_2, isk03, isk05, isk06_1, isk06_2, isk06_3, isk06_4, isk06_5, isk06_6, isk06_7, isk06_8, isk06_9, isk06_ka, isk07, isk09, isk10, isk10a, isk11, isk12, isk12a, isk13_land1, isk13_land2, isk13_land3, isk13_land4, isk13_land5, isk13_land6, isk14

Lottery Play


im_lot, lot1, lot2, lot3, lot4, tag1, tag2, tag3, tag4, tag5, tag6, tag7, tag8

Multilingualism, Language Attitudes and Their Socioeconomic Reflection


im_langatt, langatt_split, langatt01, langatt04, langatt08a01, langatt08a02, langatt08a03, langatt08a04, langatt08a05, langatt08a06, langatt08a07, langatt08a08, langatt08a09, langatt08a10, langatt08a11, langatt08a12, langatt_id, langatt08b, langatt11a, langatt11a_other, langatt11b, langatt11c, langatt13b, langatt15, langatt16, langatt18, langatt051, langatt052, langatt053, langatt054, langatt055, langatt056, langatt110, langatt110_other, langatt120, langatt120_other, lbula01, lbula02, lbula03, lbula04, lbula05, lbula06, lbula07, lbula08, lbula09, lbula10, lbula11, lbula12, lbula13, lbula14, lbula15, lbula16, lbulaka, is5_split, im_onlang, participated_wave, split1, split2, split3, split4, split5, split6, split7, split8, stime, etime, intdau, einleitung, onlang_zm1, onlang1, onlang_zm2, onlang2a, onlang2b, onlang3, onlang_zm3, onlang4a, onlang4b, onlang4c, onlang4d, onlang4e, onlang4f, onlang5a, onlang5b, onlang5c, onlang5d, onlang5e, onlang5f, onlang6a, onlang6b, onlang6c, onlang6d, onlang6e, onlang6f, onlang7a, onlang7b, onlang7c, onlang7d, onlang7e, onlang7f, onlang_zm4, onlang8, onlang9a, onlang9b, onlang10_arabic, onlang10_chinese, onlang10_english, onlang10_french, onlang10_italian, onlang10_japanese, onlang10_latin, onlang10_polish, onlang10_russian, onlang10_spanish, onlang10_turkish, onlang_zm5, onlang11a, onlang11b, onlang12a, onlang12b, onlang_zm6, onlang13, onlang14, onlang15, onlang_zm7, onlang16a, onlang16b, onlang16c, onlang16d, onlang16e, onlang16f, onlang16g, onlang16h, onlang_zm8, onlang17a, onlang17b, onlang17c, onlang17d, onlang_zm9, onlang18a, onlang18b, onlang19, onlang20, onlang21, onlang_zm10, onlang22_abbrev, onlang22_less_geni, onlang22_more_eng, onlang22_punct, onlang22_simplif, onlang_zm11, onlang23_ads, onlang23_chats, onlang23_immigrants, onlang23_internet, onlang23_media, onlang23_tv, onlang23_youth, onlang_zm12, onlang24, onlang25_gov, onlang25_media, onlang25_parents, onlang25_politi, onlang25_preschool, onlang25_school, onlang25_state, onlang25_teachers, onlang_zm13, onlang26, onlang27, onlang_zm14, onlang28, onlang_zm15, onlang29a, onlang29b, onlang_zm16, onlang30a, onlang30b, onlang30c, onlang30d, onlang31a, onlang31b, onlang31c, onlang_zm17, onlang32, onlang33a1, onlang33a2, onlang33a3, onlang33a4, onlang33a5, onlang33a6, onlang33a7, onlang33a8, onlang33a9, onlang33a10, onlang33b1, onlang33b2, onlang33b3, onlang33b4, onlang33b5, onlang33b6, onlang33b7, onlang33b8, onlang33b9, onlang33b10, onlang33pos1, onlang33pos2, onlang33pos3, onlang33pos4, onlang33pos5, onlang33pos6, onlang33pos7, onlang33pos8, onlang33pos9, onlang33pos10, onlang_zm18, onlang34, onlang_zm19, onlang35, onlang_zm20

Narcissistic Admiration and Rivalry Questionnaire (NARQ-S)


im_nrz, narz01, narz02, narz03, narz04, narz05, narz06

Ostracism Module


im_oz, ausgr1, ausgr2, ausgr3, ausgr4

Pension Claims


im_pen, irenta, irentb, irentc, irentd

Perceived Discrimination


im_wd, iwd0101, iwd0102, iwd0103, iwd0104, iwd0105, iwd0106, iwd0107, iwd0108, iwd0109, iwd0110, iwd0111, iwd0301, iwd0302, iwd0303, iwd0304, iwd0305, iwd0306, iwd0307, iwd0308, iwd0309, iwd0310

Personal and Economic Relations


im_evb, pfamst, pp1, pp2, iev003, iev002, iev003a, iev003b, iev004, iev005, ba0011, ba0012

Physical Attractiveness


im_pa, pa01

Preference for Leisure


im_pf, freiz1nett, freiz2nett, freiz3std, freiz3nett, freiz4std, freiz4nett, freiz5std

Private or Public Health Care


im_gp, zufgp1, zufgp2, zufgp3, zufgp4, zufgp5, zufgp6, zufgp7, zufgp8, zufgp9, zufgp10, zufgp11, gpol

Regional Identification



Representations of Scientific Information


im_fue, fa011, fa012, fa013, fa014, fa015, fa016, fa017, fa02, fa03, fa04, fa051, fa052, fa053, fa054, fa055, fa061, fa062, fa063, fa064, fa065, fa066, fa067, fb0101, fb0102, fb0103, fb0104, fb0105, fb0106, fb0107, fb0108, fb0109, fb0110, fb0111, fc011, fc012, fc013, fc014, fc015, fc016, fc021, fc022, fc023, fc024, fc025, fc026, fc031, fc032, fc033, fc034, fc035, fc036, fc041, fc042, fc043, fc044, fc045, fc046, fc047, fc051, fc052, fc053, fc054, fuchs_split, fwhichgroup, finfo00, finfo01, finfo021, finfo022, finfo023, finfo03, finfo04, finfo04a, finfo05, finfo05a, fc05

Resilient Behavior in the Workplace


im_ra, ra011, ra012, ra013, ra014, ra015, ra016, ra017, ra018



im_sc, sc101, sc102, sc103, sc104, sc105, sc106, sc107, sc108, sc109, sc110, sc111, sc201, sc202, bmigr, bmigew, idlgew, erwgew

Self-Evaluation and Overconfidence in Different Life Domains


im_ev, hekg, hekj, zufz, zufj, gesz, gesj, lohb1, lohb2, bewz

Self-Regulated Personality Development


im_pe, persent1, persent2, persent3

Separating Systematic Measurement Error Components Using MTMM in Longitudinal Studies


im_mtmm, wsplit, w11a, w12a, w13a, w14a, w15a, w16a, w21a, w22a, w23a, w24a, w25a, w26a, w31a, w32a, w33a, w34a, w35a, w36a, w41a, w42a, w43a, w44a, w45a, w46a, w51a, w52a, w53a, w54a, w55a, w56a, w61a, w62a, w63a, w64a, w65a, w66a, w71a, w72a, w73a, w74a, w75a, w76a, w81a, w82a, w83a, w84a, w85a, w86a, w11b, w12b, w13b, w14b, w15b, w16b, w21b, w22b, w23b, w24b, w25b, w26b, w31b, w32b, w33b, w34b, w35b, w36b, w41b, w42b, w43b, w44b, w45b, w46b, w51b, w52b, w53b, w54b, w55b, w56b, w61b, w62b, w63b, w64b, w65b, w66b, w71b, w72b, w73b, w74b, w75b, w76b, w81b, w82b, w83b, w84b, w85b, w86b

Sickness Presenteeism


im_ps, praes1, praes2

Sleep Characteristics


im_slp, schl3s, schl3m, schl4s, schl4m, schl5, schl6, schl7s, schl7m, schl8, schl9, schl10, schl11, schl12, schl13, schl13a, schl13b, schl13c, schl14, schl15, schl16, schl17, schl18, schl18a, schl19, schl19s, schl19m, schl19b1, schl19c, schl19d1, schl19d2, schl19d3, schl19e, schl20s, schl20m, schl21s, schl21m, schl22, schl231, schl232, schl233, schl234, schl235, schl236, schl237, schl238, schl239, schl2310, schl2311, schl2312, schl2313, schl25, schl25a, schl25b, schl26, schl26a, schl26b, pkr23a, pkr07a, pkr08a, pkr09a1, pkr09a2, pkr10a, pkr11a, pkr12a, pkr13a, pkr14a, pkr15a, pkr24a, pkr25a, pkr16a, pkrnoa, pkr23b, pkr07b, pkr08b, pkr09b1, pkr09b2, pkr10b, pkr11b, pkr12b, pkr13b, pkr14b, pkr15b, pkr24b, pkr25b, pkr16b, pkrnob

Smartphone Usage


im_sp, mob, mobfkt1, mobfkt2, mobfkt3, mobfkt4, mobfkt5, mobfkt6, mobfkt7, mobnas1, mobnas2, mobnas3, mobnas4, mobnas5, mobnas6, mobnas7, mobbs

Socio-economic Effects of Physical Activity


im_sprt, spo1, spo21, spo22, spo23, spo24, spo3acode, spo41a, spo42a, spo43a, spo44a, spo4mia, spo5a, spo6a, spo7a, spo8, spo3bcode, spo41b, spo42b, spo43b, spo44b, spo4mib, spo5b, spo6b, spo7b, spo91, spo92, spo93, spo94, spo101code, spo102, spo12, spo131, spo132, spo14, spo15

Status Confidence and Anxiety


im_wsch, iwa01, iwa0201, iwa0202, iwa0203, iwa0204, iwa0205, iwa0206, iwa0207, iwa0208, iwa0209, iwa0211, iwa0301, iwa0302, iwa0303, iwa0304, iwa0305, iwa0306, iwa0307, iwa0308, iwa0309, iwa0310, iwa0312, iwa0401, iwa0402, iwa0403, iwa0404, iwa0405, iwa0406, iwa0407, iwa0408, iwa0409, iwa0410, iwa0411, iwa0413, iwa05, iwa0601, iwa0602, iwa0603, iwa0604, iwa0605, iwa0606, iwa0607, iwa0608, iwa0609, iwa0611, iwa0701, iwa0702, iwa0703, iwa0704, iwa0705, iwa0706, iwa0707, iwa0708, iwa0709, iwa0710, iwa0712, iwa0801, iwa0802, iwa0803, iwa0804, iwa0805, iwa0806, iwa0807, iwa0808, iwa0809, iwa0810, iwa0812, iwa09, iwa1001, iwa1002, iwa1003, iwa1004, iwa1005, iwa1006, iwa1007, iwa1008, iwa1009, iwa1011, iwa1101, iwa1102, iwa1103, iwa1104, iwa1105, iwa1106, iwa1107, iwa1108, iwa1109, iwa1110, iwa1113, iwa1201, iwa1202, iwa1203, iwa1204, iwa1205, iwa1206, iwa1207, iwa1208, iwa1209, iwa1210, iwa1211, iwa1213, iwa13, iwa1401, iwa1402, iwa1403, iwa1404, iwa1405, iwa1406, iwa1407, iwa1408, iwa1409, iwa1411, iwa1501, iwa1502, iwa1503, iwa1504, iwa1505, iwa1506, iwa1507, iwa1508, iwa1509, iwa1510, iwa1512, iwa1601, iwa1602, iwa1603, iwa1604, iwa1605, iwa1606, iwa1607, iwa1608, iwa1609, iwa1610, iwa1611, iwa1613

Subjective Social Status


im_sss, iss1, iss2

Temporal Self-Continuity


im_tempsel, tempsel1, tempsel2, tempsel3, tempsel4, tempsel5, tempsel6

Working Time Preferences


im_azp, azp001, azp002, azp003, azp004, azp005, azp006, azp007, azp008, azp009, azp010, azp011, azp012, azp013, azp014, azp_split, azp01a, azp01a1, azp01b, azp01b1, azp01c, azp01c1, azp01d, azp01d1, azp01e, azp01e1, azp01f, azp01f1, azp02b, azp03b, azp03b1, azp04, azp05, azp05a, azp06, azp07, azp07a, azp07b, azp08a, azp08a1, azp08b, azp08b1, azp08c, azp08c1, azp08d, azp08d1, azp08e, azp08e1, azp08f, azp08f1, azp091, azp092, azp093, azp094, azp095, azp096, azp097, azp098, azp099, azp100