Introduction to SOEP-IS Questionnaires

The recurrent framework for the SOEP Innovation Survey data collection consists of an integrated core questionnaire based on elements from the SOEP-Core household and individual questionnaires. Further, it includes core questions from the biography questionnaire for new panel members and three mother-child modules. In contrast to the other SOEP samples with their multiple separate questionnaires, the SOEP Innovation Survey has a single questionnaire for each respondent with an integrated CAPI script. In order to provide a smooth and efficient interview situation, the script automatically routes to all the question modules the subject is intended to answer in the present survey.

The SOEP-IS core questionnaire includes the following modules:

  • Core elements from the SOEP-CORE household questionnaire to be completed by one member of the household (preferably the one who is best informed about household members and overall matters)

  • Core elements from the SOEP-CORE individual questionnaire to be completed by each household member aged 17 and over.

  • Core elements from the SOEP-Core biography questionnaire for new panel members (new respondents as well as young people born in 2000 who participated in the panel for the first time as an adult)

  • Three mother-child modules to be completed by

    o Mothers of children up to 23 months old (mother-child module A)

    o Mothers of children between 24 and 47 months old (mother-child module B)

    o Mothers of children older than 48 months old (mother-child module C)

The rationale behind the integration of household and individual questionnaires into one shorter interview is to allow more time for innovative modules and tests. To maintain a flow within the questionnaire and to make the survey as pleasant as possible for the respondents, the innovation modules are organized around related topics. Additionally, the innovation modules are spread over the questionnaire in a way to avoid possible influences in answer patterns between blocks.

Household Questionnaire

Respondent: Head of household

The following question modules are part of the SOEP-Innovation program of the Household Questionnaire:

  • Dwelling

  • Ancillary costs

  • State subsidies

  • Household income

  • Care dependencies

Individual Questionnaire

Respondent: Persons 18 years and older in the household

The following question modules are part of the SOEP-Innovation program of the Individual Questionnaire:

  • Participation motives

  • Streetscape

  • Saving motives

  • Citizenship

  • Family status

  • Income

  • Previous year education

  • Qualification

  • Occupation

  • Occupational position

  • Occupational stress and appreciation

  • Internet usage

  • Health

  • Domestic changes

  • Contentment

Biography Questionnaire

Availability: Since 1987

Respondent: Supplementary, one-time data from the personal questionnaire of all persons aged 18 and over in the household.


  • Nationality

  • Relationships

  • Siblings

  • Life course: education

  • Life course: unemployment

  • Parents

  • Religion

Mother and Child Instruments

Mother and Child Questionnaire A

Respondent: Mother in household (child 0-23 months)


  • Course of pregnancy

  • Childbirth

  • Health screening

  • Well-being

  • Childcare

  • Living situation

Mother and Child Questionnaire B

Respondent: Mother in household (child 24-47 months)


  • Personality of the child

  • Well-being

  • Childcare

  • Language skills

  • Development

  • Abilities

Mother and Child Questionnaire C

Respondent: Mother in household (child >=48 months)


  • Personality of the child

  • Activities with children

  • Well-being

  • Childcare

Last change: Nov 29, 2023