Internalized Gender Stereotypes Vary Across Socioeconomic Indicators

Short Description: We propose that one important cause of gender inequality is the presence of gender stereotypes in society. We describe two approaches to measure gender stereotypes: an explicit questionnaire based on rating scales and an Implicit Association Test. Findings indicate that gender stereotypes are related to socioeconomic and social variables.

Methodological Details: Various self-report items on gender stereotypes. For example, participants were asked to rate the likelihood of a typical man or woman possessing certain characteristics such as being gullible or being aggressive. There were also statements for which participants should report the extent to which they agree with the statement, e.g., “Both the man and the woman should contribute to household income.” In addition to these self-reports, an Implicit Association Test was performed.

Available Papers
  • Dietrich, Julia, Konrad Schnabel, Tuulia Ortner, Alice Eagly, Rocio Garcia-Retamero, Lea Kröger, and Elke Holst. 2013. Internalized Gender Stereotypes Vary Across Socioeconomic Indicators. SOEPpapers 558 . Berlin: DIW Berlin.










Julia Dietrich (University of Jena)




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Survey items & Implicit Association Test