Socio-economic Effects of Physical Activity

Short Description: To overcome the lack of reliable measures of physical activity, this SOEP-IS module consists of thoroughly developed questions on the kind of physical activity, the frequency and intensity, as well as, the organizational format a sport is practiced and the possible persistence of activity patterns over the span of life.

Methodological Details: Participants were asked about the frequency of physical activity during the past seven days and during the different seasons (“How many days a week have you been active for at least one hour per day in the following seasons?”). They were also asked about their two most frequently practiced sports (with nine additional self-report items for each sport), their reasons for doing sports (e.g., “to stay fit or to improve my fitness and health”), and their childhood experiences with sports.







Michael Lechner, University of St. Gallen [E-Mail], Tim Pawlowski, University of Tübingen [E-Mail]




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