Working Time Preferences

Short Description: The survey of the difference between actual and desired working time of employees is the focus of various practical and theoretical research interests. However, the results of the surveys differ considerably depending on the sequence, anchor points and filter guides in the questions. The module tests the survey effects of common variants (ILO/Destatis, BAuA, SOEP) in a survey experiment.

Methodological Details: Subsamples were drawn from the SOEP Innovation Sample. In order to collect data on working time, a question was submitted in each subsample on actual working time and contracted working time. In order to investigate the impact the mode of questioning has, the question on working time was formulated both with and without the supplement “on average”. Additionally, each subsample received a question on working time preferences. Furthermore, there was a question on professional orientation, thus enabling the examination of anchor effects. To address the interrelation between working time, working time preferences and workload, each subsample also received a question on workload.









Wenzel Matiaske, Helmut Schmidt University [E-Mail],`Beate Beermann <>`_, Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Germany




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