Sleep Characteristics

Short Description: Sleep is a fundamental behavior that can affect most domains of life and can also in turn be affected by a multitude of variables. In this module, participants were asked several questions measuring the participants’ sleep characteristics. This data, including information on sleep quality and sleep-related behaviors, can be used to investigate associations between sleep and other constructs measured in SOEP, such as life satisfaction, health or socio-economic factors.

Methodological Details: 50 self-report items concerning sleep (duration, quality, related behavior). Examples include “How long did it usually take for you to fall asleep during the last four weeks (in minutes)?”, “I consume alcohol, tobacco or caffeine in the last 4 hours before or after I go to bed.”, “How often did you have problems to stay awake while, e.g., driving a car, at lunch or social occasions during the last four weeks?” and “How often do you take an after-lunch sleep normally?”

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Andreas Stang, University of Duisburg-Essen [E-Mail],Melanie Zinkhan, Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg [E-Mail]




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