Assessment of Contextualized Emotions

Short Description: The Assessment of Contextualized Emotions portrays emotional expressions of sadness, disgust and anger that are socially engaging (three persons in a group). It measures both Accuracy and Bias (perceiving additional emotions to those expressed) in emotion recognition and has been shown to relate meaningfully to social interaction outcomes.

Methodological Details: The Assessment of Contextualized Emotions – Short version (ACE-short) consists of images of groups of three individuals who show either the same emotion or different emotions, as well as images of individuals. The set consists of two male and two female triads showing anger, disgust and sadness, for a total of 24 images. Each version of the ACE consists of 12 images. Participants see the image and then rate it on a four-scale emotion profile (anger, sadness, disgust, fear).







Ursula Hess, Humboldt University of Berlin [E-Mail], Denis Gerstorf, Humboldt University of Berlin [E-Mail]




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