Stroop Test

The Stroop effect is the delay in reaction time between congruent and incongruent stimuli, in our module, when there is a mismatch between the name of a color (e.g., “blue”, “green”, or “red”) and the color it is printed in (i.e., the word “red” shown in blue color instead of red color). When asked to name the color of the word it takes longer and is more prone to errors when the color of the word does not match the name of the color.









Dalton Conley, Princeton University [E-Mail]




istroop10h, istroop10g_nonum, istroop04h_3, istroop04c_1, istroop04p_1, istroop05b, istroop04q_2, istroop04d_6, istroop04j_2, istroop02, istroop10a, istroop04a_2, istroop04p_3, istroop04k_5, istroop04t_6, istroop04a_3, istroop04c_3, istroop04b_3, istroop05a, istroop10a_nonum, istroop10o, istroop04i_5, istroop10j, istroop04t_2, istroop03, istroop04a_4, istroop04s_3, istroop04d_2, istroop04e_5, istroop04k_2, istroop14, istroop10b, istroop04c_4, istroop10l, istroop10h_nonum, istroop04p_5, istroop04j_4, istroop10p_nonum, istroop04g_1, istroop04r_1, istroop04j_6, istroop10o_nonum, istroop04n_4, istroop04q_5, istroop04e_4, istroop04m_3, istroop04n_2, istroop10i_nonum, istroop04h_4, istroop04o_1, istroop04f_5, istroop05c, istroop04l_1, istroop10e, istroop04p_2, istroop04s_1, istroop04s_6, istroop10j_nonum, istroop04l_2, istroop04j_1, istroop04f_3, istroop10c, istroop04g_2, istroop04m_1, istroop04d_5, istroop04e_1, istroop04k_1, istroop04s_5, istroop10l_nonum, istroop04o_6, istroop08, istroop04b_4, istroop04n_3, istroop10n, istroop04d_1, istroop04p_4, istroop04b_6, istroop04l_5, istroop04e_6, istroop04p_6, istroop04i_2, istroop10m, istroop10f_nonum, istroop04o_3, istroop04q_1, istroop04n_5, istroop11, istroop04r_4, istroop04o_2, istroop04m_4, istroop04l_4, istroop10k_nonum, istroop10i, istroop04k_4, istroop04a_1, istroop04o_4, istroop04l_6, istroop04f_2, istroop10, istroop04d_3, istroop04f_6, istroop10d, istroop04h_2, istroop04r_6, istroop04j_5, istroop04o_5, im_stroop, istroop04e_2, istroop04t_4, istroop04n_1, istroop04m_2, istroop04s_4, istroop04n_6, istroop04i_6, istroop04d_4, istroop04g_5, istroop04q_3, istroop04k_3, istroop04e_3, istroop10b_nonum, istroop04f_1, istroop04g_6, istroopgor1, istroop10c_nonum, istroop10e_nonum, istroop04r_2, istroop04q_6, istroop04m_6, istroop04m_5, istroop04h_1, istroop04h_6, istroop04k_6, istroop10n_nonum, istroop04b_2, istroop04l_3, istroop04t_5, istroop04c_2, istroop04q_4, istroop04g_4, istroop10g, istroop04g_3, istroop04i_1, istroop04i_4, istroop04f_4, istroop04r_5, istroop04i_3, istroop10d_nonum, istroop04t_3, istroop04a_5, istroop05d, istroop04r_3, istroop04s_2, istroop04a_6, istroop04h_5, istroop10k, istroop04c_5, istroop07, istroop10m_nonum, istroop04j_3, istroop12, istroop04c_6, istroop10p, istroop04b_1, istroop10f, istroop04t_1, istroop04b_5



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