Just Sustainable Development Based on the Capability Approach (GeNECA)

Short Description: The GeNECA data collected in 2012 covers a broad range of issues: quality of life, capabilities, expectations about the preservation of living conditions for next generations, attitudes towards justice and the environment, actors for sustainable development, regional currency and sustainable consumption with regard to car use and organic food.

Methodological Details: Various self-report items. Examples include questions such as “How important are the following life areas for you?” and “How high do you assess the chance of the following persons and institutions to make a contribution to protecting the environment?”, as well as statements such as “Soon there will be more people on earth than it can actually take.”, “In Germany, people have the same chances to thrive.” and “Most people who are important to me take the public transport, go by bicycle or by foot instead of going by car.”







Ortrud Leßmann, University of Hamburg [E-Mail]




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